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Now available in San Antonio, Texas.

Find property matches curated just for you. Face it, searching for a home is outdated. Tell us what you'd love in your next home and we'll bring matches to you, instantly.

Coming soon to other locations, if you would like to request a specific city click here.


Simply answer a few questions and our SmartchMatch Technology℠ will go to work recommending properties you may have never noticed, ranked by how closely a property matches your needs.


Collaborate easily with anyone you choose to invite — your partner, family, friends, and real estate professionals.


Uncover what’s most important to you through our AI-powered matching process. Get even stronger matches as you customize your profile, favorite homes and share with your tribe.


Find your perfect match on LandOnEarth.

Property results are displayed based on how closely they match your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Whether you want the urban life, rich nightlife, or a big house near a dog park, we've got you covered.


Share the journey with friends and family.

Easily share homes and chat in real time about your matches, including specific home features with anyone you choose to invite.

Integrated chat, scheduling and mangagement tools provide seamless collaboration. Everything is in one place and easy to find.


See how you match with each home feature.

Not only will you see the overall percentage match for each property, but you'll also see how much you match with each home feature. This helps with decision-making based on what's most important to you.

Rate each room to train on our system on what you love so we can help you find the right match.

LandOnEarth understands and remembers what you like about each home to help you compare matches on an even deeper level. Rate based on listing pictures and then update your rating once you've toured the home as your opinion changes.

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